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Our exclusive dyslexia-friendly mode uses the research verified by the British Dyslexia Association and the W3C for up to 65% easier and faster reading for those with learning disorders.

It automatically changes the color schemes and contrast ratios, typography, and removes unnecessary elements.

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Visual Impairment

Built-in content extraction finds the main content of your webpage and reads it out for the partially or completely blind. It can also translate your content into the user’s language over-the-air before reading aloud. also adds screen reader support to your webpage, right out of the box, plus keyboard shortcuts for navigation and read aloud features.

Blue Light Filter

For reading after sunset, our Sepia mode filters out blue light and has a reddish-brown color combination for users.

It simulates an adjustment to the color temperature of a user’s display to reduce eye strain and disruption of sleep patterns, much like the program f.lux.

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Our patent-pending technology automaticaly generates alternate text (ALT tags) for images using advanced computer vision & machine learning.

Content creators and developers will not have to manually specify the alt attribute for every image, it will be magically added to those that don’t.

Advanced Analytics

Get access to raw data and computed analytics about your users’s disabilities. Find out what modes are being used by users, and which pages require your attention.

Easily integrates with Google Analytics or your third-party tool, and you remain the owner of your data.

Multilingual Support

Make your content available to everyone with built-in translation. Using neural machine translation, users will be able to translate your website’s content to over 100 languages.

You can choose what languages you want to make available or let users decide, using Google’s engine across pages.

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Research verified by the British Dyslexia Association and the World Wide Web Consortium


Always stay on the latest version of accessibility features with our cloud-based global delivery


Using bank-level TLS encryption, you can be sure that will keep your website safe

Trusted is a product by Oswald Foundation, the world’s leading accessibility technology company

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